Hickory Nursing Pavilion is located in the quiet southwestern suburb of Hickory Hills. Our facility first opened its doors in the mid-1960's and has been providing quality nursing care through the caring hands of a dedicated team of professionals.

Our nursing facility has grown with the times, expanding and specializing our services to meet the evolving health needs of the communities we serve.

Because we are a relatively small facility, each resident receives a high degree of personal and special attention from our dedicated, professional staff. They encourage each resident to try to reach and maintain an optimal level of independence for as long as possible. This helps to foster dignity and self-esteem for each resident. The key to our successful results and compassionate care us that our staff members work together as an interdisciplinary team providing vital communication and full support to each member of the team.

"This is my home. We have good times here. There are so many things to do; bingo, picnics, exercise videos. The administration is wonderful; they'll help you any way they can."
Joan Weeber, 78, 12-year resident